Strategic Master Plan for Other Wastes – Governorate of Gharbia


National Solid Waste Management Programme


This document presents a “Strategic Master Plan” for the management of wastes in Gharbia Governorate that should be managed wholly or partly outside the system for the management of household wastes. The Strategic Master Plan sets out the main considerations and directions for the management of the identified wastes with respect to legal and institutional considerations, technology options, financial considerations and capacity development.

The management of the following waste stream, which together represent the major “non-municipal” waste that are generated in Gharbia governorate as agricultural waste, healthcare wastes, construction & demolition wastes, non-hazardous industrial wastes and hazardous industrial wastes.

The strategic master plan for the management of each waste stream describes the status quo that identifies an estimate of how much waste is generated, who generates the waste, how it is managed, the health and environmental impacts of the current management practices in the governorate, and the main barriers to improved management. It includes institutional roles and responsibilities to achieve objectives, administrative capacity needs and capacity development requirements.